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QMS(Quality Management System)

ISO Management System (9001)

Aso Iizuka Hospital strives to offer peace of mind to our patients, society and the hospital itself, under our 6 Kaizen (continuous improvement) objectives of “Patient First,” “Highest Quality,” “Culture of Safety,” “Highest Employee Satisfaction,” “Corporate Social Responsibility” and “Healthy Economy,” as shown in the figure above. With these objectives in mind, the hospital works towards the goal of becoming the hospital with the most sincere medical treatment in Japan. The results of our efforts include the acquisition of ISO9001 and the creation and operation of a management system based on these standards. The ISO9001 awarded in 2008 for the entire hospital made Aso Iizuka Hospital the largest-scale medical institution to receive this recognition in the country. One of the things that makes us unique is our mutual internal audit in which the leaders of departments, inpatient units, outpatient clinics and related departments team up and pair with another department team for reciprocal audits. Based on this management system, all staff cooperate to implement the PDCA(plan-do-check-act)cycle and raise the target level set forth in our business plans. This system enables continuous improvement (spiral up) which is the organizational culture of Aso Iizuka Hospital.