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Spirit of Establishment, Corporate Principle, Hospital’s Image Target and Mission

Spirit of Establishment

To bring together skilled physicians, and provide the best in medical treatment and provision of medicine for the people of the region

Corporate Principle

WE DELIVER THE BEST ~Our goal is “sincere care and sincere service” ~

Hospital’s Image Target

The hospital with the most sincere medical treatment in Japan


To contribute to the innovation of our social systems by

  • Providing information that influences healthcare, welfare and administration
  • Becoming a model hospital with high-level medical services and sound management
  • Enhancing healthcare, welfare and the image of the Chikuho region

System for managing objectives based on business plans

At Aso Iizuka Hospital, we have adopted a system for managing objectives based on our business plans, in order to achieve the aforementioned principles on quality. We create business plans based on the principles and themes given by the Hospital Director at the beginning of the year, specifying goals and criteria for achievements. The goals for each department are broken down to be made applicable to each individual staff member, and a management review is held semiannually to evaluate the level of achievement for the term and to set goals for the next term. This system allows the hospital’s principles to be shared by its employees and the achievement of goals by them to lead to the realization of department business plans and the hospital’s quality principles.