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English For All(EFA)とは

 当院では「English For All(以下EFA)」という、職員の英語教育の取り組みを行っています。
 EFAは職員の英語力向上のため、2011年4月に発足された取り組みです。「自分の英語でコミュニケーションをとる」ということを第一に、ネイティブ・スピーカーであるEFAの先生と話すことでリラックスして英語を話せるという自信を培っていただくことを方針とした、課題達成型の英会話教育です。職種によって、課題内容に差異がありますが、課題達成でもらえる『Yellow Belt』、『Green Belt』、『Red Belt』の順に、段階を踏んで英語に親しみながら勉強することができます。



Daniel Corbett

Daniel Corbett 先生 【アメリカ出身】

In 3 years, over 2,000 AIH staff members have joined the EFA Program. They are from every department in the hospital. Our theme is "Relax and Enjoy Speaking English!" Our goal is to help raise the level of English at AIH for everyone. Please contact the EFA Office for more information.

Steve Cotton

Steve Cotton 先生 【イギリス出身】

Hi I'm Steve and I come from England. I love teaching. Learning a language is not easy, but it doesn't have to be boring. I have worked at AIH for 17 years and have never been as excited as now with the English programme blossoming like a flower. Why not get involved in AIH's global vision and join the EFA belt system? You can do it!

Christopher Wade

Christopher Wade 先生 【イギリス出身】

Hello. My name is Chris Wade. I come from England in the United Kingdom from a city called Brighton. It is a city on the south coast near the sea. I started working at AIH around 2006 as a part-time English teacher. In 2014, I joined the English For All team. I am looking forward to meeting the AIH staff and assisting in the development of the EFA program.